J/Fest — A time to learn

A good regatta in terms of learning.  Carter really brought a focus on the details.  Breeze for Day One added some excitement and once we got into a groove we were closer in the hunt on Day Two.  Racing was perhaps a bit frustrating given the format and inherent PHRF shortcomings between boats, somewhat magnified …

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Another great Cuttyhunk event.  Perfect reaching conditions for us and it showed.  Had a good start while exiting the harbor and the A0 was working for us until things got funky by Fort Wetherill.  We found a great current outflow (please all: remember what that looks like!) and in the light air it really kept …

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Once again we won the weekend!  hahaha  The actual race, not so much, with a 9/14.  BUT, I think we were literally just a minute or two out of THIRD — we saw Dark Star finish right in front of us and they were 4th.  We had a pretty tight wrap going on the downwind …

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Catching Up: JYC

We are getting into a nice groove with the start of the summer series.  New found windward AND leeward speed is helping us get in front (and gain clear air) and then hold it in the downwind.  “White Lightning” is a pleasure to sail and is delivering in both lighter air and in a breeze.  …

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NYYC Done; Around Aquidneck Up Next

A quick update here as we have done a few more races since my last update.  Spirit continues to show excellent upwind performance as I mentioned in my last update.  This was particularly tested last weekend during the three-day NYYC Annual in winds ranging from about 12-25.  The helm is far better balanced and with …

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First couple of races . . .

So we’ve had a couple of races now under our belt and I think I can report that our speed and point appear good.  In the LLS regatta we saw good upwind performance, and had an ability to hang with our closest competitors (Hawk, Samba and Zephyros) and I think actually gain some ground uphill.  …

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Correction! The CYC BBQ is June 11th!

Sorry about that but I had the wrong date for the BBQ at CYC.  It is June 11th and not June 4th.  Thanks Bill for the catch!

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And we’re back. ; )

Good sail Sunday/yesterday.  The mast stayed up (LOL) and boat showed (at least numerically) good speed and point.  Moreover, the rig is at a “reasonable” base setting, both in terms of forestay length and shroud tension, so I think we can now use JYC and Leukemia Cup to get a sense of our relative performance …

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Amazing weekend

I can’t believe how much we accomplished over the three days.  We basically put the boat back together AND got her ready to race.  Bottom, saildrive and zincs all sorted down below.  Winches, lifelines running rigging topside, instruments (Zeus and Tacktick), some electrical and batteries on the inside.  Even installed the new AIS VHF.  And …

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Spirit is at Caseys!

A huge thanks to Steve, Mark R and Mark B for enabling a smooth run from Jorge’s in Bristol down to Newport.  The last 100 yards were the sketchiest — having to navigate the turn onto Waites Wharf off of Thames without clipping the building on Thames or O’Brien’s (probably really bad form, especially with …

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