2019 Season Schedule

Hey all, The rough schedule is at last in Crew Manager. I hope you weren’t bombarded with a ton of emails — I attempted to turn off email notification, but it look likes it might have come back on today. :/ Regardless, please take some time and look through the events, days and assignments. Nothing …

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The 2019 Racing Season Is Coming

Hey all, Happy Winter Solstice (almost)!  Now that the days are getting longer we can start thinking about racing again.  ; ) In the next few weeks I will populate our race calendar and open up the process for folks to select their races.  Grab as many as you want.  I will then rebalance where …

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May 29th Cancel

Guys, really sorry about having to cancel next Tuesday due to work-related travel.  I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone, but it was painful hitting the cancel button.  I’m quite confident it will be gorgeous (what are the odds of the cancels in a row — seems doubtful) . . .  Next race …

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