The End Is In Sight

Hard to believe that we are approaching the end.  This coming Sunday is our final race, the last JYC of the fall series.  We’ve been fairly consistent and I think we’ll land on about a 4th.  Coincidentally, we also found a 4th in a super breezy Sail For Hope and a 4th in the Twenty Hundred Club Fall Race Around Prudence, which should probably be renamed the Twenty Hundred Club Fall Race a Quarter Way Around Prudence.  Light air, ah well . . .  The Fall Race also taught us (again) the importance of not following leading boats into gigantic holes in the lee of an island near the finish.  Maybe this time it will stick.  : )  Overall, the conclusion of the season has been marked by Spirit consistency, and we are finding ourselves in the podium hunt fairly regularly, which is a real thrill and joy.  Thank you for bringing your A-game every race — this has been an exceptional season because of it.

One last item to check off is an Around Aquidneck Challenge.  I am watching the forecasts and will alert all of you at the earliest opportunity.  Then we’ll watch it and see if it is worth our time as the selected day approaches.  Recall we want a breeze from about 300-320 and about 15 knots.  As I write this I don’t see any windows for the next 10 days.  As we approach November we might take less than perfect conditions just to notch one for the season.  : )

November matters as Spirit is at last booked for a haulout at NEB the week of November 4th.  (Maybe she’ll be an AWOL/Chillaxin neighbor!)  This means a delivery to NEB and winter layup the weekend of Nov 2-3.  We’ll offload gear and booze (hopefully there won’t be too much left).    She’ll spend winter at NEB in her trailer with spar up and covered.  All for now.  Hope to see you this Sunday or at least soon!

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