Early Season Update

Hey all!  We’ve had a nice start to the racing season.  We picked up right where we left off last year in terms of speed and point, continuing a trend that has us generally faster and higher than our peer competitors.  This is really a victory across the team as everyone has a hand in this:  main trim of course dictating power in the rig, but also jib trimmers managing the slot and getting us up to speed quickly.  Also our weight management has been superb.  A properly heeled boat is easier to drive and points well and you guys are doing a great job of keeping Spirit at a good angle through a range of wind conditions.  I’ve also really enjoyed our tactical and strategy efforts.  Of course Mark B has been doing a dedicated strategist role as his time permits, but also as a group it is apparent we are figuring out some things and working across the team in real time to make good decisions.  The discoveries, and perhaps just as important, the confirmations, are all solidifying our knowledge of the waters in and around the bay.  This is great for long term, steady improvements in the program.

The results of the above are really apparent.  We nabbed a 4th overall in JYC Spring and in a single great performance placed 2nd in “A” fleet for Spring #4 against 11 other boats, 25 seconds out of 1st!  For Bridge Fiasco, we improved from last year (not too difficult! Hahaha) with a 4th of 6, 13 minutes out of first BUT learned some important lessons about course management in this particular race that will benefit us in the future.  Then NYYC set a new standard for Spirit: 1st in class for Around The Island; 3rd for the Around the Buoys weekend racing.  Great speed and point every day.  The ATI was especially noteworthy as we were the very first boat (of almost 125) to reach Green C5 at the NW corner of Connanicut – unbelievable.  Overall in PHRF we were 2nd of 42 boats, losing to this guy (https://nshof.org/nominees/toppa-michael/) by a little less than three minutes!  LOL  I’m okay with this for the record.  ; )

In between all of the above was an almost LLS regatta.  I appreciate the decision making that went on behind the scenes there (Mark R and others) and we raised some good money against blood cancers so still a win in my books.   Overall, a quick thank you for bringing your game to every race and helping us unlock more potential from our boat.

Next up is Around Aquidneck, IYAC and EGYC Annual, with JYC Summer running in the background!  More good times ahead!

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  1. Great pics and season beginning

    1. Agreed!!! 🙂

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