Once again we won the weekend!  hahaha  The actual race, not so much, with a 9/14.  BUT, I think we were literally just a minute or two out of THIRD — we saw Dark Star finish right in front of us and they were 4th.  We had a pretty tight wrap going on the downwind that necessitated a bit of bareheaded time, perhaps enough to make some difference.  And the last bit of the upwind to Plum Island saw us get out of phase and we probably missed a couple of spots there too.  But overall this was a very nice race.  And our first race EVER against another J/92S went our way, which was very pleasant.  They’ll get more speed with new sails but for now we had a decided speed and point advantage.  And we got to welcome to new EGYC weekend participants in Robyn and Troy.  Like I said: overall, a win.  : )

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