Grrr, missing Practice #2!

Well, sometimes things move at their own pace.  This is one of those times.  We actually got a ton of stuff done this weekend.  By Sunday the mast was fully assembled and ready to step.  Some additional work was done on the boat (cleaning, winch maintenance, other smaller tasks).  She’s in really good shape.  However, despite the yard’s hope that they would be able to step Spirit’s spar today, a quick visit over lunch revealed it had yet to happen.  I’ll probably still go by again tonight to see if they got to it this afternoon, but even if so, the ability to deliver her to the Navy marina tonight or even early tomorrow looks too aggressive.   So I’ve cancelled the second practice sail and we’ll look to set something up later in the week and hopefully this weekend for sure.  Weather looks reasonable!  Semper Gumby!

BTW, if you skim through the calendar now you will see I have made some initial assignments.  I completely expect some adjustments and iteration.  We are almost registered for all season races (just a few like EG, IYAC and Sail for Pride remain outstanding).  : )

The weekend gang!

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