It’s a blur

Honestly, things are a bit of a blur right now.  Reschedules, cancels, deconflicting future events and crew — it is all whizzing by!  Quick note here to report that I have updated Cuttyhunk and used the same crew as the original event.  If the new date doesn’t work for you please let me know.  July 25th.  Rescheduling this late is a huge bummer.  We also missed IYAC while aiming for Cutty so that wasn’t fun.  Steve is confirming his availability to support the new Cutty dates.  Fingers crossed!  I’ve updated some other future events and made additional crew assignments. It’s not too early to start looking at BI.  Also, I finally created a position called “Hitutilu Crew” and will start slotting folks there as appropriate.

Appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate this bizarre season.

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