Mid-Season Update

We continue to enjoy a really good, consistent season!  I wish I could say the same for the weather!  hahaha. 

Anyway, since my last update we’ve had a few more JYC summer series races, which were all pretty good and we continue to hone our speed and performance.  We did the Twenty Hundred Club’s Around Aquidneck, where we placed 3rd of 8, but with a -5 sec/mile additional handicap which knocked us out of 2nd.  The IYAC race was a blast, literally, with winds gusting to 27kts!  We were mid-fleet with a 5th of 10.  Under Great White we saw a lot of 10s, 11s and 12s (frankly, by the end of the downwind leg the 10s were pretty boring LOL) and notched our fastest elapsed rounding time ever of 2 hours and 55 minutes.  Amazing!  And this past weekend we raced the EGYC Annual Regatta, placing 5th of 28 boats in the spinnaker class.  Our highest finish ever in this somewhat technical race.  We don’t sail a ton in the west passage and I think local knowledge helps out the EG guys a bit (as you would expect).   To be clear, there are some hotshots there too: this year 2nd was a Cat 3 sailor and sailmaker, 3rd was the boat that swept BIRW this year and 4th was last year’s PHRF Champion and Boat of the Year.  Good company!  Plus the after-party was a big win too (oh my head).  : )

Speaking of after-parties, we now enter into the Kill Your Liver stretch, bookended by EGYC Annual on one side and Block on the other.  I hope we make it.  LOL.  

In all seriousness, thank you for bringing your “A” game every week, it shows.  Our in-race dialogue and information sharing is absolutely the best it has ever been and I think this is bringing really great performance around the boat.  Our sail handling has been rock solid.  We found some rig and sail settings that are giving us great speed and point, and we, collectively, are making good decisions with respect to where to put the boat, now and on the next leg.  Really fantastic.  : )  More soon, EC

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  1. Wow!  Great to read this update!  What an exciting 2021 sailing/racing season so far!  
    Knowing all you rockstars, I’m betting there is more fun to come! 

    1. For sure!

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