Welcome to the 2022 Season!

Things have started with a bang . . . and a whimper!  The whimper was my scheduling which has created (and is creating!) glitches in the overall schedule.  Missing the start of the season, Bridge Fiasco, NYYC and Around Aquidneck is a huge, huge bummer for me and I know for you too.  Hopefully we can get back to a more normal tempo after Newport-Bermuda!

The “bang” has been our performance.  Out of the gate and firing on all cylinders right away — very impressive.  Sail handling, boat speed and point, crew work in general, all very strong.  And the results have borne that out.  JYC A Fleet, we are the slowest boat and have so far notched a 2nd and an 8th, 17 seconds and 96 seconds respectively out of first in a very tight, competitive fleet!  Given the traffic and dirty air issues we end up dealing with as “the slow boat” these are terrific results.  : )

For the future, more of the same.  IYAC, EGYC, Cuttyhunk are all coming up quick.  We also need to start working Cutty and Block logistics.  This could be our biggest Block weekend ever in terms of “support” fleet and raft-up! 

All for now — thank you for your dedication and talents!


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