And we’re back. ; )

Good sail Sunday/yesterday.  The mast stayed up (LOL) and boat showed (at least numerically) good speed and point.  Moreover, the rig is at a “reasonable” base setting, both in terms of forestay length and shroud tension, so I think we can now use JYC and Leukemia Cup to get a sense of our relative performance and decide what adjustments we need from there.

For those racing tomorrow, the goal is a clean race with a focus on what position does what on the boat.  Might seem pretty obvious, but things like operating the Zeus (pinging the line), who’s calling wind and traffic (not the same person) and how we handle sets and douses will require some refresher.  : )  That’s all part of tuning up for the season.  Unfortunately, the season has been underway for three weeks!  hahaha

Thanks again for the continuing support.  Couldn’t have made it sailing yesterday without everyone helping!

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