Welcome to the 2022 Season!

Things have started with a bang . . . and a whimper!  The whimper was my scheduling which has created (and is creating!) glitches in the overall schedule.  Missing the start of the season, Bridge Fiasco, NYYC and Around Aquidneck is a huge, huge bummer for me and I know for you too.  Hopefully we …

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2021 Was An Amazing Season!

What. A. Season.  Amazing racing this year.  Found new gears.  Scored some bullets.  Made a few more memories.  Kept all of our fingers.  Watched a few sunsets with good friends.  I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else there could be.  <3.  As we dig into the season that’s really about being thankful and appreciating …

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Nearing the End

It is hard to believe we are deep into September as I write this.  There are just a handful of races left — in fact, likely just one last JYC (developing conflicts on September 26th and October 3rd, whaaa) and the Fall Race Around Prudence.  We’ve had an amazing run.  Sail For Hope was a …

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Mid-Season Update

We continue to enjoy a really good, consistent season!  I wish I could say the same for the weather!  hahaha.  Anyway, since my last update we’ve had a few more JYC summer series races, which were all pretty good and we continue to hone our speed and performance.  We did the Twenty Hundred Club’s Around …

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Early Season Update

Hey all!  We’ve had a nice start to the racing season.  We picked up right where we left off last year in terms of speed and point, continuing a trend that has us generally faster and higher than our peer competitors.  This is really a victory across the team as everyone has a hand in …

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JYC Spring #1

A little belated here but a quick thanks for a fun race Tuesday night! It couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be 25 knots of breeze or 8, settled on 12 and was terrific pressure all race.  Because of a very consistent forecast of winds in the mid-twenties, and our first night of racing I …

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Updated Plan

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  We’ve had an unusual start to spring for Spirit.  As they say in the military, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”.  True for us for sure.  By now we should have had a couple of sails at least.  : (  However, we are on a good track.  We managed …

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Grrr, missing Practice #2!

Well, sometimes things move at their own pace.  This is one of those times.  We actually got a ton of stuff done this weekend.  By Sunday the mast was fully assembled and ready to step.  Some additional work was done on the boat (cleaning, winch maintenance, other smaller tasks).  She’s in really good shape.  However, …

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Going to miss Practice #1 slated for this Tuesday : (

Yup, we had a good run at it, but this Tuesday’s practice has everything ready but a boat!  Hahaha!  Spirit remains at Wickford.  They are taking great care of us and after retrieving Spirit from Waterline on Tuesday, she was ready for launch Thursday and launched on Friday.  Thanks to Deb for helping to burnish …

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Approaching Launch for 2021

Hi everyone.  We are getting very close to launch and it now appears that this coming week will be busy.  Today Spirit remains at Waterline.  She is having some final touchup to her keel but not the full blown race bottom job that we were expecting.  This is a disappointment, but we’ll work around it …

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