2024 is off and running!

Quick thanks here for a terrific start to the season.  Our first JYC of 2024 was a really pleasant and exciting race.  We sailed a clean circuit and handled tacks, gybes, sets and douses as it if were the end of the season!  We had a clean start and just overall had some great conversation …

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Apparently survived 2023. Lets see what 2024’s got.

    Hey all, as usual I was really prolific with my updates here!  : /  Anyway, another terrific year!  Snatched a class win for JYC Spring, a really respectable 2nd in the blustery (and 190nm long!) Ida Lewis Distance Race, a second to Cutty and a second overall for Block.  Also a third for IYAC and …

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2023 season is underway

Spirit chillin 2023

Hey all, we had a great motor and sail down to the Navy base today from Barrington.  Lots of sun and when the sea breeze came in . . .  it came in with a vengeance, bringing us winds approaching 20 kts, on the nose of course!   But for the first test of the …

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What the heck happened to 2022 and look out: here comes 2023 : )

2022 EGYC Award

Hi all!  What else to do on the coldest day of the year so far but think about sailing?  : )  In a couple of months boats will will be splashing and it is time to look forward — but first, a quick look back.  We were fortunate to have a safe and successful season …

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Welcome to the 2022 Season!

Spirit Pink Kite

Things have started with a bang . . . and a whimper!  The whimper was my scheduling which has created (and is creating!) glitches in the overall schedule.  Missing the start of the season, Bridge Fiasco, NYYC and Around Aquidneck is a huge, huge bummer for me and I know for you too.  Hopefully we …

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2021 Was An Amazing Season!

What. A. Season.  Amazing racing this year.  Found new gears.  Scored some bullets.  Made a few more memories.  Kept all of our fingers.  Watched a few sunsets with good friends.  I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else there could be.  <3.  As we dig into the season that’s really about being thankful and appreciating …

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Nearing the End

It is hard to believe we are deep into September as I write this.  There are just a handful of races left — in fact, likely just one last JYC (developing conflicts on September 26th and October 3rd, whaaa) and the Fall Race Around Prudence.  We’ve had an amazing run.  Sail For Hope was a …

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Mid-Season Update

We continue to enjoy a really good, consistent season!  I wish I could say the same for the weather!  hahaha.  Anyway, since my last update we’ve had a few more JYC summer series races, which were all pretty good and we continue to hone our speed and performance.  We did the Twenty Hundred Club’s Around …

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Early Season Update

Hey all!  We’ve had a nice start to the racing season.  We picked up right where we left off last year in terms of speed and point, continuing a trend that has us generally faster and higher than our peer competitors.  This is really a victory across the team as everyone has a hand in …

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JYC Spring #1

A little belated here but a quick thanks for a fun race Tuesday night! It couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be 25 knots of breeze or 8, settled on 12 and was terrific pressure all race.  Because of a very consistent forecast of winds in the mid-twenties, and our first night of racing I …

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