2021 Was An Amazing Season!

What. A. Season.  Amazing racing this year.  Found new gears.  Scored some bullets.  Made a few more memories.  Kept all of our fingers.  Watched a few sunsets with good friends.  I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else there could be.  <3.  As we dig into the season that’s really about being thankful and appreciating the things that you have, I am there with our racing program.  The escape, the thrill , the camaraderie, this satisfies much of what I need and I appreciate your commitment to making it happen (and sincerely hope getting similar rewards as well).  : ) My sincerest and heartfelt thank you.

Now for a few announcements (nothing crazy : )).  For next year I think we are running much the same campaign.  I don’t have any major plans or mods in the works.  I have not ordered any new sails but the fund is there should we decide there is a gap somewhere in the inventory.  The A1.5 is long in the tooth for sure, but as evidenced by NYYC ATI clearly still making numbers.  We are close to needing a new jib — the light grey jib is really toast, but the paneled jib and black jib seem to be doing okay (black has a few pinholes but not a crisis).  So we’ll keep panel sails for light stuff and JYC and black and racing main for the rest.

I’ve looked over the bottom and diver Steve did a wonderful job.  No burn thrus and the paint is holding up quite well.  Moreover, there is quite a bit of tumult in the racing bottom painting world here right now.  Waterline is a no-go and International is just really getting known for very long timelines and uncertain completion dates unless you commit to going there middle of the season or getting there early in Fall.  He does great work for sure.  We may end up doing an early Fall move up there, but we can decide that late next season.  So generally with Spirit, more of the same.

There’s some social stuff upcoming!  Notably the Spirit Christmas party hosted again this year by Commodore Caldwell at his house — thank you Steve,  December 17th.  17 Berkeley Ave Newport 6-10-ish.  Separate announcement is floating around.  And I hope Deb is okay with me mentioning this (hahaha!) but also a Tuesday shindig at her place (December 7th, to help us get over the gaping hole that is our Tuesday night socializing from JYC summer)!  5:30-ish and on.  2770 South County Trail.  Can’t wait to see everyone!

Lastly, the new racing calendar is uploaded here.  You can even start noting availability if so inlined and you can now import it into your other calendars!  There’s been some changes you may have heard of: No Leukemia Cup this year and some Twenty Hundred Club dates have moved a little.  Not Block thank God or Kitty would KILL me.  Dead.  And keep an eye out for the crew meeting in April next year (only four months to go!) . . .  LOL

All for now and catch up soon!  EC

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